• Have a restful day following surgery.
  • Take eye drops as prescribed.
  • Try not to blow your nose for 2 weeks following surgery.
  • Try to avoid hot drinks or spicy food for 48 hours following surgery.
  • Minor eyelid swelling and bruising are normal following surgery, and will settle.
  • Some mild nose-bleeding may occur in the first few days following surgery.
  • Use icepacks and firm pressure over the bridge of the nose, leaning forward for mild nose bleeding.
  • Rarely, if nose bleeding becomes continuous and will not stop, contact your doctor or A+E department.
  • Try not to do strenuous activities, exercise or bend excessively for the first week after surgery.
  • Avoid swimming for 3 weeks following surgery.

Leave lacrimal tubes in place. These will be removed at your clinic visits in the next few weeks.

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