Do not rub your eye after the operation.

If you have glasses, you can wear them if you feel comfortable, however do not worry if they feel like the wrong strength – You will eventually require a new sight test and the lenses often need to be changed.

Avoid strenuous activity such as contact sports, heavy gardening or swimming for two weeks.

You can look down and bend down, but avoid heavy lifting.

Watching TV and reading will not cause any harm.

If you need advice regarding driving, please ask Mr Ismail before leaving the hospital.

When washing your face, avoid the eye area for 2 weeks. Wash your hair backwards to avoid soap going into the eye.

Wash your hands before putting in your eye drops as prescribed. If you are running out, please ask Mr Ismail at your post operative outpatient appointment or go to your GP for a further prescription.

You can wear sunglasses if bright lights irritate your eye.

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