It is now becoming clear that patterns of medical care are going to be changing in the short to medium term at least, due to the viral pandemic. My new and existing patients will already have experienced deferral of their outpatient appointments and planned surgery dates, unless there have been emergency assessments or treatments required. This has affected both NHS and Private patients equally, but there are now steps being taken to resume medical services nationally and this provides the opportunity for me to outline information for my patients at this time.

For NHS patients, please follow this link for information.

For Private patients, please see the information below and also visit the link to Spire Bushey Hospital

Emergency New and Existing Ophthalmic Patients:

  • Emergency service continues unaffected.
  • You may book into a number of my outpatient clinics during the week at Spire Bushey Hospital. This can be done directly to the hospital (Spire Bushey – 0208 901 5555).
  • Due to the current recommendations on social distancing, you will be offered a virtual consultation by videocall (Zoom) or telephone as an option if preferred.
  • If the nature of your condition requires a face to face consultation, this will be arranged with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to reduce chances of viral transmission to a minimum.

Existing Patients awaiting Surgery:

  • My secretary will have already contacted you personally to inform you of the requirement to defer your surgery.
  • Ophthalmic surgery is now being performed in clinical priority order, with the most urgent cases such as tumours affecting the eyelids, and conditions causing discomfort to the eye or severely affected eyesight problems, being operated on first.
  • The requirement for self isolation is being reduced to 3 days for many patients, although if there is a higher risk of coronavirus infection, there may still be the requirement to self isolate for 14 days.
  • As we progress through the clinical priority timeline, we will contact you to discuss plans for your surgery, but you are welcome to make enquiries via my secretary, Maxine (tel: 07860 753045 or email: to learn about progress of the timeline.
  • When surgery is being performed, there are excellent measures being taken to reduce chances of viral transmission, such as high level PPE and Covid Testing.

New and Existing Outpatient visits:

  • All clinic appointments can now be booked by telephoning Spire Bushey – 0208 901 5555.
  • As above, you can be offered a virtual consultation by videocall (Zoom) or telephone, if you prefer.
  • Further appointments and treatment plans will either be performed virtually or face to face, as your clinical condition requires, and distancing requirements change.

New Patients requiring Ophthalmic or Eyelid Surgery:

  • I am currently performing surgery, but this is on a clinical priority basis.
  • Patients with highest priority are:
    • Eyelid tumour conditions
    • Eyelid problems causing persistent discomfort or affecting the eye surface
    • Cataracts with significant visual compromise or focus imbalance

Updated 25th September 2020